ITACA REXEL-outputs Web-Service

Sample requests

Data must be obtained using any program supporting the HTTP-POST method, e.g. CURL:

Publicly Available Data

HTTP-POST variables (required)

Option Description
runZIP file from ITACA REXEL-run-matching web-service

NOTE: Windows OS could require the option '--ssl-no-revoke'

Query options

URL format

Option Description Default
action{download-ascii, download-hdf5, table, summary, available-combinations, download-all-ascii, download-all-hdf5}
Output type: download-ascii = obtained waveforms in ASCII format; download-hdf5 = WAVEFORMS_SET_ID.h5 obtained waveforms in ASDF format; table = METADATA_TABLE_SET_ID.json waveform metadata in JSON format; summary = REXEL_ELABORATION_SUMMARY.txt user options in ASCII format; available-combinations = AVAILABLE_COMBINATIONS.json IDs of the resulting combinations in JSON format; download-all-ascii = all outputs combined in a zip file, with waveforms in ASCII format; download-all-hdf5 = all outputs combined in a zip file, with waveforms in ASDF format
set-idCombination ID (if action = download-ascii or action = download-hdf5 or action = table or action = download-all-ascii or action = download-all-hdf5). Available IDs can be checked in AVAILABLE_COMBINATIONS.jsonfirst
indent{true,false} Prettifies output setting a 4 spaces indentation style. Valid only in combination with 'json' formatfalse


Backend Python software used by this web service was originally developed by Puglia R. and Sgobba S., and it is currently maintained by Felicetta C., Russo E., and Sgobba S.